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IsAgenix - The Company And The Business


This section may not be of any interest to you. Many people simply order Product B for themselves or some members of their family. However, some are interested in the possibility of generating an income stream through receiving rebates from recommending Product B or other Isagenix products to others. What follows is very general information. Read more ... Read less ...

Isagenix - The Company And The Business

Speaking for myself, when I first learnt of Product B I was excited by its contents and the fact it offered the possibility of providing many of the potential benefits herbs have to offer in a convenient and relatively economical capsule. After thorough investigation, I have concluded that the product itself is worthy of my recommendation.

Then, it was very important for me to check out Isagenix, the company that formulated, manufactures and supplies Product B. This was crucial for me as Product B is supplied via a network marketing system. This means that anyone who recommends someone else to Product B has the potential to receive some income from this sale, in much the same way that a shopkeeper makes a percentage from everything they sell. This form of marketing is both legally legitimate and quite popular with many people.

So to be clear, I will be supported in my work by your purchase and while most people simply purchase Product B for their own immediate benefit; some also introduce it to their friends, colleagues or clients, and in that way have the potential to develop an income stream. However, it is fair to say that for a variety of reasons, not many receive a significant income from this marketing method.

Speaking personally again, on investigation, I have concluded that Isagenix is an ethical and scientifically rigorous organization that has a strong interest in evidence-based medicine and is generous in the way they treat their Associates. Isagenix is a company I feel happy to be associated with.

Most people I know of simply take Product B for themselves and include their families. Some simply recommend it to others by referring them to this website and do not bother with the business side of it themselves. For some, there is the potential to develop an income stream, but all the usual cautions apply in this field.

If you are interested in the business side of things, I can refer you to a senior Isagenix Associate, who I know from personal experience, to be very well informed when it comes to the product and the business and would be happy to answer your questions, help you to set things up and to guide you as needed. Simply email info@insighthealth.com.au and we can follow up from there.

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Some Things You Need To Know

  1. Requirements to receive rebates/commissions  Read more ... Read less ...
  2. i) First register as an Associate and pay a once off, yearly fee of $50, (or $25 if you have your monthly order sent to you automatically by autoship).

    ii) Order 100BV or more of Isagenix products every 30 days. BV stands for Business Volume, and is the system Isagenix uses to calculate your purchases and to allocate your rebates. Every Isagenix product has a BV equivalent that will vary somewhat depending upon how much of it is ordered at one time. So, with Product B at wholesale price for example, the BV is as follows.

    • 1 Bottle costs $AU85 (50 BV)
    • 3 Bottles ordered at the one time cost $AU228 (135 BV)
    • The Product B 'starter pack' 5 bottles costs $AU370 (220 BV )

    Again, you need 100 BV each 30 days to remain qualified as an Associate and to receive bonuses. Ordering 2 bottles of Product B each month obviously meets this requirement and would work well if you and a partner are taking Product B.

    However, if you only want it for yourself, to qualify you would need to be ordering other Isagenix products, finding someone to share the extra monthly bottle with, or sell it to. You are free to choose to sell the extra bottle at either the wholesale or the retail price.

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  3. Refer people to your own, specific Isagenix website; or sell them bottles of Product B directly.  Read more ... Read less ...
  4. i) Your specific Isagenix website.

    This will be automatically set up for you when you register as an Associate (or as a Preferred customer).

    This process works quickly and reliably in my experience, but if you do have any questions or concerns, again, simply call Customer Service in Australia on 1300-651-979 or in New Zealand 0800-451-291, 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

    Remember too, that at any stage you can call Isagenix on those same numbers above and change your status from Associate to Preferred Customer, or vice/versa.

    So that you are acknowledged as the person who has referred your new people, you need to give them this website's details and direct them to use it for their orders.

    ii) Direct sales.

    Some people, particularly some health practitioners, choose to buy Product B and sell it to their clients, rather than refer them to ordering from their website. Anyone can do this, and you are free to resell Product B at the wholesale or the retail price.

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  5. Payment of rebates/commissions - the 'Compensation Plan'  Read more ... Read less ...
  6. Payments to you from Isagenix are based on the business volume (BV) you generate. While the basics of the compensation plan are simple, there are some finer complexities to it all that warrant studying.

    For more details click here, and also ask to speak with a senior, knowledgeable and experienced Isagenix Associate who I can connect you with when you write to me at info@insighthealth.com.au. This person will be happy to talk to you freely, answer your questions and assist with the business side of Isagenix.

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  7. For more information on Isagenix the company, click here

  8. For more information on the business side of Isagenix, click here.
  9. Hints, Tips and FAQs - answers to common questions relevant to being an Associate.  Read more ... Read less ...
  10. Isagenix Back Office

    The Back Office is your personal, on-line business centre. It is where you can place and change orders, enroll people and check on your business. You will see it referred to below quite a deal.

    Change Automatic Placement.

    You can change the way people are automatically placed under you in the binary tree by:

    • Logging into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'My Account'- which is at the top of the page.
    • Select 'Edit' - next to 'Placement and Compensation'
    • Choose the Placement Option you want ( Minor Volume, Left or Right ),
    • Click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page.
    Order Products at Wholesale
    • Logging into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'Orders'
    • Select 'Place a Wholesale Order'
    • Select 'Country'
    • Select Products required....add to cart....Check Out

    Or you can phone Customer Service. ( See Below )

    Change Autoship

    You can change the products required on Autoship and also the Date you want it shipped by :

    • Logging into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'Orders'
    • Select 'Manage Autoship'
    • Select 'Edit My Autoship'

    Or you can phone Customer Service. ( See Below )

    Cancel Autoship

    To cancel your Autoship phone Customer Service. ( See Below )

    Contact Customer Service.

    Isagenix (Asia Pacific) Australia Pty Ltd
    Level 2, 12 Waterloo Road,
    North Ryde, NSW 2113
    2225 S. Price Road, Chandler
    Arizona 85286 USA
    Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6pm (AEST) Pacific Daylight Savings Time
    Monday - Friday 5am - 6pm
    Saturday 6am - 2.30pm.
    Australia: 1300 651 979
    New Zealand: 0800 451 291
    US: 1 877 877 8111
    customerserviceanz@isagenixcorp.com support@isagenix.com

    Product Introductory Bonuses. (PIBs)

    • Enrolling Sponsor receives a bonus when an Associate purchases a program or Pak when they join Isagenix.
    • To qualify this order needs to be placed when the new Associate first joins Isagenix and needs to be on the same invoice as their Annual Membership.

    A 9 Day Program has a $15 PIB
    A 30 Day Program has a $25 PIB.

    Isagenix has two Regions :

    1. North America - USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
    2. Asia-Pacific - Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    When you join Isagenix you can introduce other Associates residing in the same region you are residing in.

    To be able to introduce Associates who are not in your region and have the volume count towards your Team Cycle bonuses you must purchase an International Sponsorship.

    International Sponsorship can be purchased for $50 AUD per year.

    • Logging into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'My Team'
    • Select 'International Sponsorship'
    • Follow the Prompts.

    International Volume - How Do I Qualify ?

    • Be Paid As Consultant
    • Be on Autoship
    • Purchase International Sponsorship*

    Change Method of Compensation Payout ie How You Get Paid.

    • You can have your bonuses either paid into your Isawallet or your Bank Account.
    • Log into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'My Account' near the top of the page.
    • Select 'Edit' - next to 'Placement and Compensation'
    • Select either 'Isawallet' or 'Direct Deposit'
    • Enter your Bank Details if you select Direct Deposit.
    • Click on 'Save'


    • Isawallet can be used to receive commission payments once they are paid.
    • You can transfer funds to any bank in your country from Isawallet.
    • You can use it to make purchases from Isagenix.
    • For full details including Demos, FAQ, Contact and Login go to : www.isawallet.com

    When Do I Get Paid?

    • The Isagenix week 'Commission Period' is from Monday, 12:00am New York time through Sunday, 11:59pm. (Monday : 2pm AEST Sydney Time)
    • Your commission is calculated one week in arrears.
    • Your commission is paid into your preferred account on the following Tuesday.

    Change Credit Card Payment Options

    • Log into your Isagenix Back Office
    • Select 'My Account' - near top of the page.
    • Select 'Edit' next to 'Payment Methods Information'

    Isagenix Product Information

    95% of the information and answers to specific questions regarding the Isagenix products are on 2 websites :

    www.isaproduct.com and www.isagenixhealth.net

    Other Associate and Team Support Websites

    1. Restore My Body - Website


    This is the website we send people to initially to get an overview of Telomerase Activation.

    2. Telomerase Activation Information Website

    www.stopthebodyclock.com Password : stopthebodyclock

    To see videos of just how dramatic the effects of taking a Telomerase Activator can be, and an overview of the more than 20 years of research and development that has gone into the science behind this amazing breakthrough product.

    3. More Testimonies.

    4. TeamFSI Support Website


    To see all the details regarding 'Product B' that Dr Bill Andrews and John Anderson have developed including the list of ingredients.

    • Details of 'Cleanse and Replenish' products.
    • Compensation Plan details. Over 72 people have made over $1million in bonuses.
    • Business Building Training.
    • Newsletter Subscription.
    • Links to live Webinars.
    • Recorded Webinars.

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